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You'll agree with me - packages like: Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe PageMaker and Windows are found in almost all computers in the whole world! Why? Because they contain what we will be making use of on our daily activities. Take this..... 92.3% of the world population can not work perfectly in these packages. The real question is: can you work accurately and perfectly in any of these packages? The question might sound retoric but until you found yourself messing around with these programmes.


With us, these packages can be learnt comprehensively. We are known for comprehensive teaching by many people.





Microsoft Office Suite is a collection of software applications made by Microsoft Inc. There are numbers of different office suites to suit a variety of computer users. These suites are priced based on the number of applications that are included - Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher etc. There are five types of Microsoft Office Suites. The most basic and least expensive suite is the Home and Student Suite...



CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. It is an enormoursly powerful graphic design package. It is different from Bitmap graphic design package. It creates and handles images as mathematically defined vectors. Vectors are objects with magnitude and directions. You can define smooth curves in CorelDraw. It will retain smoothness when they are enlarged, but this is not the smae with bitmap graphics. It enables...



Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing programme created by Adobe, it allows you to view entire pages of a publication, such as a report, pamphlet or booklet. With Adobe PageMaker, it is easy to format a document's layout and control various design details, such as fonts and graphics, prior printing or distribution etc It contains powerful features and carefully designed for business professionals who require the highest quality output when creating and printing all types of documents....

Operating system is a software that controlls and manages the execution of programme on PC. It is the most important programme that runs on a computer. Formatting is a process of installing fresh copy of window or upgrading its components to enhance its performance in PC. In our Institution, we teach people how to install varieties of Operating System such as Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, Linux, Window Vista, Window....