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Networks are collection of computers, software, and hardware that are all connected to help their users work together. A network connects computers by means of cabling systems, specialized software and devices that manage data traffic. Having a computer Network installed at your home or business lets you do much more than simply surf the Web. An Internet-controlled thermostat, for example, can both save money and help the environment by controlling a building's heat and air


Internet has become a day-to-day part of human life, it is a good source of knowledge for varieties of human activities and necessary for all computers. A Network enables users to share files and resources, such as printer as well as send message electronically (E-mail) to each other.


Computer Networks fall into two main types:


Client/Server Networks and Peer-to-peer Networks. A Client/Server Network  uses one or more dedicated machines (the server) to share the files, printers and applications.


A Peer-to-Peer Network allows any user to share files with any other user and doesn't require a central, dedicated server.


In our institution, we Network for people at an affordable price. Also, we build competent Network Admin i.e teach people how to Network computers, you don't need any experience before you can become a competent Network Admin in our Institution. How to design, steps in setting up a Network, configuration of Network etc shall be well dealt with.