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Top Reasons why many choose to acquire ICT Skills in our Institution

  • 100% Practical
  • Exclusive Experiments
  • Cheap Tuition
  • Regular Examinations
  • Well-equiped Lab.
  • Condusive Environment
  • Transparency/Trust
  • Competent Teachers
  • Deep Research
  • Less Conjested
  • Good Welfare services
  • 24/7 Care support

           and many more.....

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God's Fulfillment Computer Institute aims at making you financially free, be independent, knowledgeable and Enjoy your daily life in the World of ICT. For this reason, we always want to transform life positively daily. These are series of Comprehensive, detailed, informational and wealth-creation E-books that we have specially made for you. They are:




  • Microsoft Window XP Operating System

  • Microsoft Window 7 Operating System

  • Microsoft Window Server 8 (New) Operating System

  • Microsoft Window 8 Operating System

  • Microsoft Window Vista Operating System

Many people fail to activate or activate their choice of Operating system Temporarily, this is..........



  • How to configure Mobile phones, PC, Tablet, Android etc to browsing the internet

  • How to hack wireless Network to browse the internet for fre (bypassing of encryption)

  • All you need to know on Bulk SMS & ways of making legitimate money from it

  • Guide on how to compiled, market and gain money from E-book on internet

It is obvious that many people always want to make money from internet but going through the..



  • How to display, reset and/or remove Administrator or User password of any system free

  • How to display or reset Nokia phones Security Code (Any Model)

  • How to encrypt/password the contents of CD/DVD/Blueray Disk to prevent stealing, piracy etc

  • How to remove any form of restriction/encryption from any PDF documents

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  • How to Fund Liberty Reserve account and be making cool money from it

  • Process involving in signing up, of Google Adsence, requirments and how to make money from it.

  • How to watch DSTV channels for free on PC, Androids, Blackberry etc. No requirment needed!

  • How to unlock modem and  make it universal to browse the internet with any network

Have you been trying to make money online but you were unable to? It is because you are not...