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One will experience more than pain on forgetting password of a particular document being compiled for a long period of time. Alas! Without this tutorial, you will have to re-type the document from the scratch. Wait.... Is typesetting easily done? Many run away from it!!! (laughing)


Today, in the World of ICT, we want improve your knowledge by letting you know how you easily decrypt and encrypted Microsoft Word or Excel Document at no cost. Feel amazed? Yes! That's it. Let's go...



Password-protecting sensitive documents is always a good idea, right up until the point where you forget the password. There are many password-recovery tools out there covering most bases, but the vast majority cost money.




















Thankfully, Free Word / Excel Recovery Wizard is just that, a free tool that can recover most forgotten passwords for opening legacy Word 97-2003 (.doc) and Excel 97-2003 (.xls) documents up to eight characters in length.



  • Download the program installer here

  • Installed & launch the app, read the brief instructions and click Next.

  • Select your password-protected file,

  • Click Next and then choose which method to use to try and recover the files. The tool supports the two most common types of password cracking: dictionary and brute force.

  • By default, Dictionary is selected, but if your password is a combination of letters and numbers you’ll need to try the Brute Force Attack instead.

  • Once selected, you’ll be able to tweak the recovery settings. Further – Brute Force Attack in particular allows you to select a character set and length of password, which will help the program successfully recover your password and potentially speed up the process.

  • Finally, it’s a case of clicking Next followed by Go and waiting while the program attempts to do its work, hopefully delivering you with the password you’d forgotten.

  • Be prepared for a long wait, particularly if you’re using the brute force method. This is definitely a tool for documents where you can afford to wait hours – days even – for the magic password.

  • Dictionary searches tend to be much quicker – seconds or even fractions of seconds.

  • Enjoy!!!


This program has been tested by so many people & confirmed to be working 100%