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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00

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Previously, we published an Article on how to lock file, folder, drive, removable device here, today we shall be talking on another hot computer tutorial on you can secure your information from being theft. This is Anti-theft Edition by God's Fulfillment Computer Institute.


It is rare to find a functioning software that can hide pc file/folder. Hiding your important information is always good as it won't allow those that want to steal it be unable to. Guess what? We have found and discover a tool that will make you do that - all for free!!!



Sometimes you have information on the hard disk of your computer that you don't want to be seen by other users. With Wise Folder Hider you can hide documents, photographs, videos and private or confidential folders with just a few clicks. The program is capable of hiding both local partitions and external storage devices.





Wise Folder Hider is very intuitive and everyone can use it. You only have to select the file that has to be hidden and drag it to the application. Additionally, you can even protect it with a password if you want.

To guarantee a good safety, Wise Folder Hider uses a double password mechanism: the first one, a master key to start the program and, the second one, to hide and unhide the directories individually, the only way to access them.



















If you change your mind and want to reveal the information again, you simply have to push the option 'show' on the files and Wise Folder Hider will free them.

In short, it's a good and free tool so that only you can access these files on your computer isolating them from any person



  • Download Wise folder hider here
  • Install it and run it
  • If prompt to assign password, input the passphrase you can easily remembered but hard to guess for any other person
  • Navigate on the software interface to see how it work
  • Enjoy!!!

 Wise Folder Hider by fulfillmentict.com

 Wise Folder Hider by fulfillmentict.com

 Wise Folder Hider by fulfillmentict.com