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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00

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Well, good day people. Generally, cyber cafe is colloquially means a place of browsing and enjoyment. Have ever stumble on a particular cafe and you discover that there server could even open the most simple website in the (google)? Well, many times, Network contributes to this problems. But, at times the cafe administrators are not that truthful, they will be using subscription that they know that cannot carry people browsing in their cyber. Hence, the need to at least stop their time biller arises. Many software cannot hack cafe time biller successfully as the Cafe Time Client is wise enough to quickly detect any form of hacking


We shall be telling you today how you can easily hack/stop cafe time biller using Process Liquidator



This tutorial is for educational use only, God's Fulfillment Computer Institute shall not be held responsible for any sort of trance thereafter.



Process Liquidator is a task manager-type program which focuses on making it quicker and easier to view and delete your running processes. Once running, for instance, there's no hotkey or icon clicking required to launch the program. Please note, the program will by default install at least a couple of browser toolbars or similar "extras". If you don't want this, pay attention during setup, and click the "Decline" button when it appears. Don't worry, you won't block the Process Liquidator installation, this only affects the "extras".





















  • Download Process Liquidator Installer here

  • Install and lunch it.

  • Just move your mouse cursor over to the right edge of the screen, and the Process Liquidator panel will slide into view.

  • This is essentially just a lengthy list of running processes. Scroll it, click on one of interest and you'll see more about it: the process ID, whether it's 32 or 64-bit, its owner, domain and so on.

  • Terminating a process is as easy as right-clicking it and confirming that, yes, you really do want to do that.

  • And there are lots of configuration options, too. You can tweak how Process Liquidator is launched, its colour scheme, docking position (left or right side), how you want to delete processes (single left click, single right click, double-click, delete key), whether you want to be warned before deletion, and more.

  • Enjoy!!!

Process Liquidator by fulfillmentict.com