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  • What is a good projector?

  • What factors must I put into consideration before purchasing a projector?

  • What are projector lamp/headlights?

  • How to replace a  projector lamp (Headlight)

What is a good projectors?

A good projector should be bright enough for the audience to see what is on the screen. The picture it produces should also be very clear and the resolution should be of high quality.


What factors must I put into consideration before purchasing a projector?

You must determine the available space and the most common use for the projector,  you must rate the price with the quality of the project if it worth it. You must determine the number and types of inputs/outputs you will require.


What are projector lamp/headlights?

Projector headlights are a type of headlights that produces a stronger, more focuses beam than other headlights.


How to replace a  projector lamp (Headlight)

It is just another day of enjoying your projector or rear projection TV when all of a sudden you see the dreaded lamp warning indicator telling you it will be time soon to replace the projector lamp. With these simple steps, you will learn how to replace a projector lamp and be back to enjoying your projector in no time.



Gather the Necessary tools: you'll need manual screwdriver to remove the panel. You will also want to have a soft, non-abrasive cloth handy to help avoid any contact with your fingers and the lamp assembly.

Turn off TV & the projector: After the unit has cooled down properly, remove the power cord from the outlet and the unit completely.

Remove Lamp compartment door: The lamp compartment on projectors is usually located underneath the projector unit. For Rear projection TVs, the lamp compartment should be located in the rear towards the bottom left or right side of the TV. Loose the 2-4 screws and the lamp compartment door.

Remove Lamp Assembly: Cafefully pull-out the lamp assembly and disconnect any power cords that may still be connected to the lamp assembly.

Clean Compartment Lamp: Dust gets everywhere and while you have the projector open, use a soft cloth to remove any compartment dust.

Insert New Lamp Assembly: Carefully insert it, then replace the lamp compartment cover. Reset the Lamp timer. That's all! Continue enjoying your projector. Need more help? Click here