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The West African Examination Council (WAEC) aimed at being a world class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders. WAEC is widely done by numerous candidates in any of their application sessions i.e. May/June and Nov/Dec. This Examination is carried out in 5 different countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra-Leone). WAEC was established in the year 1952.






Analysis and Statistics show that millions of candidates partake in both May/June and Nov/Dec WAEC Examination Sessions. Candidate that sat for any of those exam sessions has full right to view and/or print the result online for further uses. To check the result online. Such candidate needs a correct 10 Digits Examination Number i.e. Centre Number and Seat Number combined e.g. 4311223 + 069 (4311223069) for May/June & 5311223 + 069 (5311223069) for Nov/Dec. Incorrect Examination No. automatically denies such candidate his/her result. Some people have lost theirs, some have forgotten while some have misplaced their correct WAEC Examination Number. This 10 Digits can be the most important thing in someone's life at a particular moment. No shortcut to knowing this if you've lost it as a million guess cannot solve it. This is where God's Fulfillment Computer Institute comes in!

















God's Fulfillment Computer Institute is a Major Partner and a Strong Arm of WAEC, we provide immediate e-solution for anyone with this challenge. It doesn't matter where you are in the world; whichever year you did yours, we can easily retrieve your WAEC Examination Number for you. This our online solution has helped and still helping so many people (Even those outside Nigeria).


Which type of people can benefit from this Online Solution?

Those that wish to retrieve their lost/stolen/forgotten/incomplete 10 Digits WAEC Examination Number (i.e. Centre + Seat Number e.g. 4311223069).


Immediately your Institution retrieved my WAEC Examination No., can I view/print it online?

100% YES! You and anyone you wish (i.e. anyone you give your particulars to e.g. School, Organization etc) can see it at anyday, anytime online live on WAEC Offical Website.


Which WAEC Year Range is Available for Retrieval?

As WAEC stipulated it on their Database, WAEC Examination Number from year 1980 up to this current year can be retrieved online.


Which WAEC Examination Type can your Organization retrieved online?

Two Major Types of Examination conducted by WAEC can be retrieved. They are:

  • MAY/JUNE Examination and NOV/DEC Examination


How much will I pay to retrieve my WAEC Examination Number?

Below is the price brochure which you'll choose from. At the bottom of this page, different payment options are given for your convenience, you'll choose the one that you preferred most among them . You might need computer to browse this page so as to display it correctly.


When can I make the payment & how soon will I get my WAEC Examination Number?

Our service is 24/7. Order can be placed at anytime. We have competent Administrators specially assigned to cater for this task. Retrieval of WAEC Examination Number takes about 30 minutes.


What do you need from me to enable you retrieve my WAEC Examination Number?

As we said above, millions of candidates partake in both WAEC MAY/JUNE & NOV/DEC Examination sessions. To retrieve yours out of these millions candidates, you must supply us the right info:

  • YOUR NAME: Surname, Middle Name (if any) and Last Name. This must be as exactly as you registered it while doing the WAEC Registration! e.g. If your Surname is Ayodeji, Middle Name is Chukwuma and Last Name is Abdullahi. The correct combination that we expect from you is AYODEJI CHUKWUMA ABDULLAHI. However, in case there is no middle name, the correct name combination from the above example should be: AYODEJI ABDULLAHI

  • Your WAEC Examination type which must either be MAY/JUNE or NOV/DEC Examination

  • Your WAEC Examination Year e.g. 1985 and Your School Name (where you did your WAEC Examination). Please note that some schools might have been renamed or merged. We only request for the name that the school bears while you're there e.g. If a school bears Beatrice College, Agege Lagos in the year 1983, it might have been renamed to Intelligent College in the year 2013, what we need from you is BEATRICE COLLEGE, AGEGE, LAGOS


(1) Inability to supply any of the above will lead to denial of your WAEC Exam No Retrieval and you'll be penalized.

(2) After payment, the above information are to be sent to: care@fulfillmentict.com.


After retrieval of my WAEC Exam No., how will you deliver it to me & what comes with it?

God's Fulfillment Computer Institute is a reputable Organization, we seek conveniences of our dear customers. To make this process an easy one for candidates, a retrieved WAEC Examination Number is delivered to the person's e-mail address and it comes with:

  • 100% Retrieved & Verified WAEC Examination Number that will display your result online.

  • 1 Free WAEC Scratch Card (Result Checker) which will contain the PIN & Serial Number that you'll use to check it by yourself.

  • Technical Support in case you need further help regarding it.


How can I use the retrieved WAEC Exam No & the Card sent to Check My Result online?

Visit WAEC website and supply all details we sent to your mail accordingly.


How would I sure of any of your package and my Privacy?

God's Fulfillment Computer Institute is a Reputable Organisation, we deliver exactly what we promised! We value the privacy of our customers and Quality services are guaranteed from us. Please read our Privacy Policy here. We have Name, Brand & Image we are protecting!!!



(1) Database contains Candidates' Records. This is a great platform to Virtually Retrieved your Lost Examination Number irrespective of your location/country. Different Exam Numbers are retrieved daily, provided that the candidate supplied the right information as requested above.

(2) As a Reputable Body, we don't make Virtual Retrieval compulsory; You can come in person directly to our office for Retrieval. Either ways, the best is Guaranteed.

(3) Also, we promised 1 FREE Result Checker to be sent with the details. Another way of service gaurantee!


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